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    Notwithstanding anything contained in any law, custom or usage, every marriage solemnized under Muslim law shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

    For the purpose of registration of marriages under this Act, the Government shall grant licences to such number of persons, to be called Nikah Registrars, as it may deem necessary for such areas as it may specify: Provided that not more than one Nikah Registrar shall be licensed for any one area 1[ : Provided further that the Government may, whenever it deems fit so to do, extend, curtail or otherwise alter the limits of any area for which a Nikah Registrar has been licensed.]

    Our Services

    The following fixed fees has been received by the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.


    1. Marriage Registration. [Charges: From Taka 1 Lac to 4 Lac and each of the 1,000/-(one thousand) taka Dower value 12.50(Twelve Taka Fifty Paisa) rate charge or fee is received. That means from the first 1 Lac taka to 4 Lac taka Dower value in each of Lac 1,250/- (twelve hundred fifty) taka, later 4 Lac taka to up in each Lac for only 100/- (one hundred) taka fee is taken. Which is received through the Government receipt and there is given receipt regarding taka or payment of fee. ]

    2. Divorce Registration. [Charges: 500/- (Five Hundred) taka fee is received.]

    3. Bangali Kabin Nama (Bengali Marriage Deed Attested Copy). [ Charges : 50/- (Fifty) taka only]

    4. English Kabin Nama (English Marriage Deed).

    5. Arabic Kabin Nama (Arabic Marriage Deed).

    6. Italy or other Languages Kabin Nama ( Marriage Deed ).

    7. Marriage Certificate.

    8. Divorce Certificate.

    9. Court Marriage Certificate.

    10. Further given of lost Kabin Nama (Marriage Deed) or Talak Nama(Divorce Certificate).

    11. Husband and Wife going to foreign country in any Language including English/Arabic/ Italy Kabin Nama (Marriage Deed) or Talak Nama(Divorce Certificate).



    From the serial No. 4 to 11 and if should be taken of the said services, in propotionate of different type of expenses, there would be paid of different charges.