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    Notwithstanding anything contained in any law, custom or usage, every marriage solemnized under Muslim law shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

    For the purpose of registration of marriages under this Act, the Government shall grant licences to such number of persons, to be called Nikah Registrars, as it may deem necessary for such areas as it may specify: Provided that not more than one Nikah Registrar shall be licensed for any one area 1[ : Provided further that the Government may, whenever it deems fit so to do, extend, curtail or otherwise alter the limits of any area for which a Nikah Registrar has been licensed.]

    Necessary Documents And Witnesses


    Marriage Registration Period payable documents (For The Prove Of Age)

    1. Educational qualification certificate (attested) for the proved of age.

    2. If there is not the said certificate, the photocopy of Voter ID Card’s (attested).

    3. If there is not to Voter ID Card Birth Registration Certificate Photocopy (attested).

    4. In special needed 2(Two) copies of passport size photograph (attested).

    5. Age of the bridegroom to completion of 21 and 18 years completion of Bride.

    6. If the husband and wife is divorcee or widow, then must be need proved documents of it.




    Necessary witnesses while marriage registration

    1. Two parties that means, from both side of bride and bridegroom, taking two persons of adult age witness will be needed.

    2. One of the Wakil (Pleader) or Guardian presence will be needed (if applicable in the case of special needed).




    Submitting Necessary Documents And Witnesses While Divorce Registration

    If the husband and wife is given divorce from one to other or if there is needed to be done of marriage divorce, in the case of wife divorce-


    1. Kabin Nama (Marriage Certificate) of the marriage will be needed.

    2. Including of one of the identifier including three witnesses needed.

    3. Among the husband and wife, which person will be given divorce to the other person, must be opposite party and his chairman will be informed by the notice.

    4. The counter or other party after getting notice of 90-days, divorce shall be effective.