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    Notwithstanding anything contained in any law, custom or usage, every marriage solemnized under Muslim law shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

    For the purpose of registration of marriages under this Act, the Government shall grant licences to such number of persons, to be called Nikah Registrars, as it may deem necessary for such areas as it may specify: Provided that not more than one Nikah Registrar shall be licensed for any one area 1[ : Provided further that the Government may, whenever it deems fit so to do, extend, curtail or otherwise alter the limits of any area for which a Nikah Registrar has been licensed.]

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    Kazi Office Keraniganj Dhaka

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    : Dhaka Babu Bazar adjacent, to the right bank of the Second Buriganga Bridge, adjacent of chunkutia crossing and near of chan miaj Madrasah and adjacent to kaligonj Bazar, South keranigonj, Dhaka-1310.


    : To The South Bank of 1st Buriganga Bridge of Postagola, Dhaka and to the South side of Dhaka-Mawa Highway Equria Bazar adjacent, South Keraniganj, Dhaka-1311 (Near of south Keraniganj Police Station).

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    : 02-7772291, 01914409358


    : 01819286087, 01725776977

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    : kazi.mahbub77@gmail.com