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    Notwithstanding anything contained in any law, custom or usage, every marriage solemnized under Muslim law shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

    For the purpose of registration of marriages under this Act, the Government shall grant licences to such number of persons, to be called Nikah Registrars, as it may deem necessary for such areas as it may specify: Provided that not more than one Nikah Registrar shall be licensed for any one area 1[ : Provided further that the Government may, whenever it deems fit so to do, extend, curtail or otherwise alter the limits of any area for which a Nikah Registrar has been licensed.]

    About us

    Welcome To Kazi Office Keraniganj Dhaka

    The only one Kazi Office for residents of Shubaddya Union of Keraniganj Upazilla at South of Dhaka. This kazi Office was received government approval of the year 1997. Which is Memo. No. 315/judgment-7/2N 160/80, dated : 18/12/1997 and Memo. No. 3777(6) of District Registrar Dhaka, dated : 30/12/1997.

    Name Of The Nikha (Marriage) Registrar And Identity :
    MUHAMMAD MAHBUBUR RAHMAN, son of Muhammad hadayat Ullah. Village: Kazi Bari, Equria North Para, Post Office: Dhaka Jute Mills, Police Station : South Keraniganj, District : Dhaka (Marriage Registrar, Shubaddya Union, Upazila: Keranigonj, District : Dhaka).





    Advance Booking :

    In the Kazi Office, in side of marriage solemnization in the fixed area situated different house or in the community center or party center after gone to the arranged function, There can be performed of the marriage work. But in this case, by the telephone or through meeting and after made to communication, the time and address or phone number should be informed. As in the right time can be appeared to the function or marriage or divorce can be registered.



    A Sample Of Kabin Nama :




    Telephone Or Mobile Marriage Performing :

    In our said Shubaddya Kazi Office, in the telephone or mobile direct Video call, there can be performed of the marriage. But if the Bride is straying in foreign country, then through the embassy of that place , there would be given power through the fixed pleader or guardian. As the power pleader will be treated as power of the Bride.



    Opening And Closing Time Table :

    The said kazi office of keraniganj, Dhaka of Shubaddya Union in each of the day without the prayer time from the period of mourning 09:00hours to 11.00 hours does open. Beside works can be done at any time after contacted vide phone or mobile calling.